About us

AIL. Stop blood diseases, not life.

AIL (Associazione Italiana contro le leucemie-linfomi e mieloma) is an Italian ‘ONLUS’ (socially active non-profit organisation) constituted in Rome on  April 8th 1969. It received official recognition by a Presidential Decree on September 19th 1975 (no. 481).


Promote and support research.
Improve patients and their families’ quality of life and provide direct assistance to patients in their struggle against blood diseases.
Raise awareness of blood disease issues.

AIL is nationally present with its 81 Sections and works in close relationship with haematologists and hospitals. Also thanks to AIL’s efforts, Italian haematology centres provide high quality services comparable with the best to be found worldwide.

We also provide home healthcare assistance and AIL houses for patients and their families.

We do believe home healthcare assistance reduces recovery time and gives patients a better quality of life.

AIL volunteers work in AIL houses, free housing centres close to the main Haematology Centres, for patients and their relatives who have to spend long periods of time away from home in order to receive treatments.

AIL volunteers help out for the fund raising campaigns, like our Poinsettias and Easter eggs, which have become real symbols for AIL.

AIL funds GIMEMA, a non-profit Foundation coordinating over 140 Haematology Centers, which are virtually all centers in Italy. Its main goal is to identify the best diagnostic and therapeutic standards for blood diseases.

AIL is funded by contributions from the general public and business concerns.

Our main fundraising actions:

  • Fundraising events: “Stelle di Natale” (Poinsettias), “Uova di Pasqua” (Easter eggs).
  • Special fundraising events like art exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, etc.
  • Spontaneous contributions from people.
  • Constant aid from business concerns and banks.